FAQ’s 2023

Price, Payment & Billing

  • What does a ‘Team’ cost?

    Early bird rate until 1st January 2024 : Each Team of 5 runners/walkers costs €179 (+ booking fee if purchased online).

    From 2nd January 2024 : Each Team of 5 runners/walkers costs €189 (+ booking fee if purchased online).

  • What does a ‘Table’ cost?

    Each Table (to seat up to 8 people) costs €190.

  • What does a Tech T-Shirt cost

    The technical t-shirt is provided by savvyprint.ie.

    You get a bespoke high quality full colour design sublimated onto a 2 colour white based contract technical tee. This option also includes YOUR company logo on the tee. – Price €15

  • How can I purchase a ‘Team’ / ‘Table’

    You can enter online by clicking here or you can download the attached application form on our website & send it back to us.

  • What are the Terms & Conditions of Entry

    Click here to view our Terms and Conditions

Ordering a ‘Table’ / ‘Tables’ within the ‘Staff Relay Village’

  • What is a ‘Table’?

    A ‘Table’ comprises a table and two benches which seats up to 8 people. Ordering takes place to accommodate groups of 8 persons (8,16, 24 etc). All tables are located within tents in the ‘Staff Relay Village’ through which the final 1km of the circuit is routed.

  • Will we have our own a private tent?

    Any company that orders 1 single ‘Table’ will be accommodated within a communal tent.

    Any company that orders 2 or more ‘Tables’ will be accommodated within its own private tent (subject to individual tents still be available at the time or ordering).

    *** Change to Relay Village for 2024 Event: a set number of tents (& specific tent sizes) will be available for the 2024 event.  Once these are sold out for each night, no other private tent orders can be accommodated.


  • We have some supporters with us. Is this allowed?

    Yes, of course. It adds to the atmosphere. Just remember to book space for supporters when calculating the number of ‘Tables’ you require. There is only room in the tent based on the number of ‘Tables’ that have been booked. Any people that ‘Tables’ have not been booked for can of course congregate outside the tent.


  • When must I order?

    Companies that order early will receive the best locations in the tented village. The last date for ordering a ‘Table’ is strictly Wednesday May 1st 2024 (subject to availability still existing at that stage).

  • How much space do we get?

    Our space calculation based on each ‘Table’ = approx. 3m x 6m.

  • When can we move in to the ‘Staff Relay Village’?

    Teams can move into the ‘Staff Relay Village’ from 3pm on the day of the event.

  • We intend bringing food and supplies to our tent early that day. Who keeps watch?

    It is recommended to allocate someone to guard your provisions. Once you have brought your supplies to the tent, Staff Relay Series assumes no responsibility.

Ordering Food Pre-Event

  • Can we order food in advance of the event?

    Yes. In a change to previous years, all food orders & food payments must be made directly with our food providers, Relay Event Catering. They can be contacted at relaycatering@outlook.ie . Once food orders have been confirmed with Relay Event Catering, food vouchers can be collected from the catering area on the night of the event as per previous years.

  • What are the food options & prices?

    There are 3 options available & all are priced at €12 each:
    – 1/4 Pounder & chips
    – Chicken fillet burger & chips
    – Vegetarian wrap & chips

    (Gluten free option are available, however these must be pre-booked)

  • If we do not pre-order, is it possible to purchase food at the event?

    Yes. Payments can be made by cash (no cards accepted) to purchase food at the event at €10 per meal.

Staff Relay Series Technical Tees

  • What do the bespoke technical t-shirts look like?

    Our bespoke technical t-shirts are Short sleeve technical T-shirts designed especially for sports.
    They are made from breathable fabric, easy to wash and dry.
    100% polyester, 140g/m².

  • What sizes are available?

    We offer a range of sizes from XS – XXL. Measurement details below

    Staff Relay Series Tech Tee measurements

    Size Dimensions

    XS [46cm/65cm]
    S [48cm/68cm]
    M [51cm/70cm]
    L [54cm/72cm]
    XL [57cm/74cm]
    XXL [60cm/76cm]

  • What do I need to do to get my logo on the bespoke t-shirts?

    After registration you will receive a welcome email from Savvy Print

    You will need to send a high resolution file of your company logo / design to info@savvyprint.ie stating your registration number (if registered on-line)

  • What can I get on the bespoke tech t-shirt?

    Due to the sublimation process we use for printing you can get almost anything printed on to the tee in any colour, as long as a print ready file is provided.

    Note: There is a maximum print area

    Last year we printed everything from company logos to charity slogans and everything in between.

  • What is Sublimation?

    Sublimation is a process whereby the ink is converted from a solid to a gas without entering the liquid phase. This allows the ink to bind with the fibres of the garment instead of sitting on top of the garment.

    The benefits of this process is it does not impact the moisture wicking properties of the garment. The printed design does not fade, peel or crack over time.

  • Do you offer a design service if I do not have a logo/design idea?

    We will provide minimal text/standard clipart designs free of charge.

    If you require a more elaborate or detailed design it will require a design charge. Please email info@savvyprint.ie for details.

  • How do I get my tees?

    T-shirts will be available for collection the day of the event between 3 – 5 pm @ the Relay Village in the Phoenix Park.

    The t-shirts can be delivered via tracked courier for an extra cost of €15 ex vat. Please contact info@savvyprint.ie to arrange delivery

  • Can I order t-shirts after registration or can I order extra for our supporters / co-workers?

    Yes – T-shirts can be ordered after registration.

    Yes – Extra T-shirts can be ordered for your supporters / co-workers who are cheering you along.

  • What is the cut off date for ordering technical tees?

    The cut off date for ordering the technical tees is Wednesday 8th May 2024. This ensures your t-shirt will be printed in time for the event.

Communal Tent

  • What does it mean to be placed in the communal tent?

    Any organization that orders a single ‘Table’ (i.e. space for 8 people) will be allocated this space within a communal tent. The reason for this is that we cannot provide tents small enough to accommodate 1 single table.

  • If we are in a communal tent, do we share our table and benches with others companies?

    No, you do not. All tables in a single tent are marked with company logo or trade name.

  • Communal Tent – Overflow. What does it mean?

    Once individual tents have been fully allocated, companies that order 2 or more ‘Tables’ will be placed in a communal tent. Therefore, early booking is recommended.

Increasing Orders

  • How can we book when we do not yet know how many staff will attend?

    You don’t have to name your team members so just book teams early to ensure you have a place in the event. The event is strictly limited to 1000 teams so hurry up!

  • Can we increase the size of our order?

    We can always increase your reservation until Friday 12th May 2023 providing there is still space.

  • Can I cancel my order?

    Sorry, we cannot accept any cancellations.

Location within ‘Staff Relay Village’

  • Where are we located in ‘The Staff Relay Village’?

    We can not answer this question before Monday 20th May 2024.

  • How do we find our tent?

    There will be ample maps available on the night.

  • Can our two companies sit side by side?

    You should order together if you want your companies to sit in a tent together. If you have booked a tent separately, you will not be guaranteed to sit together. We therefore recommend that you make a single order and then distribute the costs between you.

Company Logo On Tent

  • Can I bring our own banner/logo to place on the tent?

    Providing you are not within a communal tent, yes you can. The maximum size permitted for banners is 1 m high and 2-3 m long. Do not hang anything directly in front of the entrance for safety reasons.

  • How can I attach our banner?

    Use string or cable ties to secure. Remember to take all this with you when you go home at night.

  • Can not we just use tape?

    We do not allow the use of tape on the tents as it leaves glue residue on the canvas.

  • May we show the other runners our exciting new product?

    Active marketing is not allowed under any circumstances.

BBQ’s, Power & Heat

  • Are BBQ’s permitted?

    BBQ’s are not permitted rules the rules of The OPW.

  • Is there electricity in the ‘Staff Relay Village’?

    No. The use of generators is not allowed (under OPW policies).

  • May we bring heaters so we do not freeze?

    The ‘Staff Relay Village’ has been approved by the fire service based on a number of assumptions. One of these is that gas cylinders may not be used for heating of any kind by companies attending the event.

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